Eight tips to stay safe on the road

Here’s a refresher on some steps that you can take to stay safe while you’re on the road.

1. Leave word. Tell somebody or leave a note about where you plan to go and how long you plan to be out.

2. Identify yourself. Run with proper ID, or carry a cell phone with emergency contacts taped to its back.

3. Run facing traffic. It’s easier to see, and react to, oncoming vehicles. And cars will see you more clearly too.

4. Assume you're invisible. Even when you’re facing traffic, always act as if approaching drivers, cyclists, or other runners can’t see you. Do what you need to to avoid them.

5. Be seen. Wear high-visibility, reflective, brightly colored clothing. If it's dark, use a headlamp or handheld light so you can see where you're going, and drivers can see you. The light should have a bright LED light.

6. Go unplugged. Avoid wearing headphones—you need to be able to hear approaching vehicles. If you do use headphones, run with the volume low and just one earbud in.

7. Steer clear of high-risk areas. Avoid potential problem areas like entrances to parking lots, bars, and restaurants, where there may be heavy traffic.

8. Be nice. At a stop sign or light, wait for the driver to wave you through—then acknowledge with your own polite wave. That acknowledgement will make the driver feel more inclined to do it again for the next runner. Use hand signals (as you would on a bicycle) to show which way you plan to turn.

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