At Fleet Feet Maine Running we have a variety of training programs catered to your current fitness level. Your experience level does not matter, whether you are not currently active or are a seasoned runner we have a training program that will help you meet your goals, needs and be at your ability level.

Our training programs are so much more than just working out. You will be part of a running/walking community where our experienced coaches will be there working out with you and cheering you on. Our training programs are very social and many participants form great friendships through their fitness journey.  The atmosphere you will experience in your training program is motivational and will help keep you engaged as you work to meet your goals. The transformations we see from training program participants are just phenomenal. We witness amazing changes in confidence, a passion for fitness developing and reduced health issues.

Check out the video below that provides a glimpse of what you can expect being in a Fleet Feet Maine Running training program (warm weather not always included - we do live in Maine, after all!). It would be our pleasure to discuss our training program options further with you at both Fleet Feet Maine Running locations. 

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